PEP Page Generation

Process Overview

We are generating the PEP pages by lightly parsing the HTML output from the PEP Repository and then cleaning up some post-parsing formatting.

The PEP Page Generation process is as follows:

  1. Clone the PEP Repository, if you have not already done so:

    $ git clone
  2. From the cloned PEP Repository, run:

    $ make -j
  3. Set PEP_REPO_PATH in pydotorg/settings/ to the location of the cloned PEP Repository

  4. Generate PEP pages in your pythondotorg repository (More details at generate_pep_pages). You can run like:

    $ ./ generate_pep_pages

This process runs periodically via cron to keep the PEP pages up to date.

See Management Commands for all management commands.